Our Ambassadors

We are very pleased to announce our first ever charity Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors were chosen as a result of their commitment to our work. All share our concerns about child poverty in this country and are willing to use their connections and creativity to help to raise awareness of the issues that children growing up in poverty face.

We are extremely grateful for their support.

Jassa Ahluwalia Jassa Alhuwalia

'A child is the definition of potential. Whether or not they flourish is determined by opportunity. Child Poverty Action Group speaks out for children in poverty so that every child growing up in the UK has the chance to succeed in life.'

Jassa is a young actor, writer and producer who is currently filming as a guest lead in BAFTA nominated BBC 1 series Ripper Street. Read Jassa's full profile

Simon Callow    Simon Callow

'I've written a great deal about Dickens. One of his great passions was fighting the shocking levels of poverty, especially among children. That was 150 years ago. It would be nice to think that all that was eliminated in the distant past. By no means. Dickens would have passionately supported Child Poverty Action Group. So do I. This scourge must be banished: child poverty must be ended and every child in this country given a fair chance in life.'

Simon is an accomplished actor, writer and director who made a special appearance at our Dickens-themed event at the House of Lords. Read Simon's full profile

Paul Tennant     Paul Tennant

Paul is CPAG's Housing Ambassador and Group Chief Executive of Orbit, an organisation with the purpose of 'Building Communities'. It does this through the provision of a wide range of housing care and support services, the delivery of over 1,000 new homes annually, and investment in creating vibrant communities for people to live in. Read Paul's full profile