Children in Need: local authority support for children and families

Children in Need cover

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  • Publisher: Legal Action Group

This 2nd edition published December 2013. 

Children are in need of support not due to any fault on their part but due to their circumstances. Local authorities have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and provide services to those 'in need'. Children in Need sets out the statutory obligations of local authorities to support vulnerable children and families, including child in, and leaving, custody, disabled children, migrant children and families, trafficked children and children leaving care.

The new edition has been brought up to date to reflect the changes in law and policy for children in need contained in the new Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance published in 2013. It has also been updated with the relevant caselaw and policy developments since the first edition was published in 2011. It includes details of the new National Standards for Youth Justice Services.

Contents include:

  • Legal fundamentals
  • Age assessments
  • Services for children 'in need'
  • Duties and powers to accommodate children
  • Services for migrant children and families
  • Duties to children leaving care
  • Appendices: resources, extracts from legislation and guidance.

This book is essential reading for claimant lawyers, advocates, voluntary and statutory sector advisers, local authority lawyers and frontline staff, social workers and academics.