Child Support Handbook 2014/2015

Child Support Handbook 2014 2015

Price £30   494 pages   ISBN 978 1 906076 86 3

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About the NEW 2014/15 Child Support Handbook

The new Child Support Handbook gives clear, practical guidance to the child support scheme as it applies in 2014/15. All new applications to the statutory child support schemes now fall under the new rules so it is crucial for anyone advising parents to ensure they have the latest information.

This edition includes new caselaw, changes to enforcement, and revised examples of maintenance calculations.

The Child Support Handbook explains:

  • who can apply for maintenance and who has to pay
  • how to apply and how to withdraw an application
  • how maintenance is calculated
  • the powers of the Child Maintenance Service to pursue maintenance and seek information
  • conversions and transitional provisions
  • collection and enforcement, including powers to deduct money from bank accounts
  • challenging decisions and making complaints.

Practical examples, and tactical hints and arguments are included. Fully indexed and crossreferenced to legislation, case law and official guidance, the Child Support Handbook is the standard guide for parents, solicitors and other advisers, Citizens Advice Bureau, social workers and children’s charities.


'If you are advising parents on any aspect of child maintenance then you need this book!' THE ADVISER (Citizens Advice)

'This book, like most of CPAG’s publications, should be in every social work office… I found the practical examples, and advice about tactics and arguments useful and helpful. In short, this book is the benchmark guide to the child support scheme.' COMMUNITY CARE

'An essential aid for anyone involved with the child support system, whether as advisor, payer or recipient… It is quite remarkable for the clarity of its layout, the depth of its explanations and notes, and the accuracy of its content. Highly recommended.' SOLICITORS JOURNAL

'It is hard to beat the CPAG guide… it is outstanding value for money. It is clearly written and easy to find your way around… invaluable for advisers.' NEW LAW JOURNAL

'Each edition is always better… (it) leaves everything I have seen in its wake.' FAMILY LAW

'This handbook is an excellent resource and invaluable when giving advice on all child support issues.' ARIAN money advice newsletter (Citizens Advice)

'The best thing… is to get a copy of the Child Support Handbook… details of entitlements are clear, accurate and fully explained.' BELLA