Debt Advice Handbook

Debt advice handbook 10th edition

Price £25  578 pages  ISBN 978 1 906076 66 5

This 10th edition published October 2012. 

The 11th edition is due November 2014 - see order form.

Anyone dealing with any aspect of debt advice needs to have an up-to-date copy of this handbook on their desk. It has all the essential information for advisers dealing with debt problems in England and Wales. It explains all the key stages and issues in money advice, from interviewing clients and dealing with emergencies through to preparing financial statements and negotiating with creditors.

The authors give helpful guidance on effective strategies for different types of debt, and on how to deal with unacceptable debt collection practices. There are sections covering business and student debts, and court action by creditors to recover debts and repossess property/goods. Further sections deal with enforcement in magistrates’ courts, bailiffs, and insolvency.

This 10th edition is revised and updated to cover recent changes to legislation, caselaw, court procedures and practice. It looks at how debt relief orders are working in practice, and provides expanded information on the European Consumer Credit Directive. The latest Office of Fair Trading guidance is included, as well as information on a number of new codes of practice, including for payday loans and bills of sale. This edition has also been restructured to make it easier to use.

The Handbook is fully indexed and cross-referenced to other relevant publications as well as to caselaw, legislation and court rules.

An essential resource for money advisers, welfare rights workers, solicitors and financial advisers and institutions. This handbook is supplied to all Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales. It has been selected by the Institute of Money Advisers as the set text for its Certificate in Money Advice Practice.


'The Debt Advice Handbook has proved itself over the years as a comprehensive, reliable and easily accessible source of information.' THE ADVISER (Citizens Advice)

'An essential resource for anyone advising on debt issues... no debt adviser should be without an up to date copy.' ARIAN (Citizens Advice Specialist Support money advice newsletter)

'Aimed principally at counsellors … but people in debt may also find it a useful self help guide.' THE TIMES

'Arguably the most lucid and probably the most definitive on the subject.' CREDIT MANAGEMENT

'This book has been needed for a long time…add it to your library.' NEW LAW JOURNAL

'This book continues to provide welcome support for advisers and consumers. CPAG are to be congratulated on meeting this need.' INSTITUTE OF MONEY ADVISERS