Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook

Welfare and Tax Benefits Handbook

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1,740 pages  ISBN 978-1-906076-95-5

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About the NEW 2015/16 Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook

Our essential and best-selling guide to all benefits and tax credits covers all the recent changes to welfare benefits.

CPAG's annually updated Handbook is the definitive annual publication and reference guide for every welfare benefits adviser.

With tactical information on common problem areas and how to challenge decisions, this new edition provides comprehensive advice about entitlement in 2015/16, including the latest information on the implementation of universal credit, personal independence payment, the ‘bedroom tax’, mandatory reconsiderations, sanctions, residency rules and the benefit cap.

Fully indexed and cross-referenced to law, regulations, official guidance, and court, Upper Tribunal and commissioners’ decisions, it is an essential resource for claimants, advisers, local authority staff and lawyers.

Bimonthly updates to the Handbook are published in the Welfare Rights Bulletin.


'The Advisers’ Bible… an incredible achievement. The most comprehensive and user-friendly publication in the field of welfare benefits… An absolute must for welfare rights workers as well as those giving general advice' THE ADVISER (CITIZENS ADVICE)

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