child benefit

  • Report shows families want child benefit protected

    April 27, 2012
    press release

    Child Poverty Action Group has today released a report called ‘Save Child Benefit’ linked to its Save Child benefit campaign, which gives the results of a survey showing what parents spend their child benefit on and how much they value it.

    The top three main areas that parents of all social classes spend child benefit on are:

    1. Clothes and shoes (51%)

    2. Food (26%)

    3. Education related (16%)

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  • Save child benefit

    March 2012

    Child benefit, the only universal payment for children, is under threat.

    The value of child benefit has been frozen until 2013/14, drastically cutting the amount families receive, and it will be taxed away from families in a complex and deeply unfair way. These changes are unfair, unaffordable and unworkable. We are calling for the freeze to child benefits to be lifted and rates to be restored, and for tax on child benefit to be stopped.

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