• Childcare, tax credits and other help


    This factsheet looks at when parents in work can get help with childcare costs through working tax credit or universal credit. It also looks at other sources of help and the interaction with tax credits.

    It contains some information that is only relevant to Scotland. For UK-wide information, see Tax credits and childcare.

  • Childcare support for working families

    Level: Basic

    training course

    This half-day course is for people working in childcare and early years, who want to know more about the support available for working families and help them to avoid common benefit problems. It concentrates on who can get help with the costs of childcare through the social security system, and how this interacts with other sources of support, including the tax-free childcare scheme. No previous knowledge of benefits is required.

    It will help you to:

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  • Help with childcare costs in universal credit

    Issue 267 (December 2018)

    Dan Norris reviews the main rules on childcare costs in universal credit.

  • Income maximisation for families

    Level: Basic

    training course

    This half-day course looks at changes to benefits for people starting a family and families with young children, both in and out of work.

    Maximising income in the early years is vital for children’s health, education and development. This course aims to give frontline workers a basic awareness to help you to identify problems and refer on where appropriate.

    The course covers:

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  • Early years and childcare services


    We are interested in working with early years services, childcare providers and information services to promote access to:

    • quality, affordable childcare through tax credits and universal credit
    • other financial help for families at risk of poverty.

    We are offering free resources including factsheets on financial help with childcare for low income families, a free advice line, and a short seminar for your group – see below for details.

  • Briefing on the Childcare Bill

    June 2015

    In this briefing on the Childcare Bill CPAG welcomes the government’s commitment to extend free childcare for three and four year olds to 30 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year but also raises a number of concerns about how this could play out for families on low incomes.

  • Tax-Free Childcare, universal credit and tax credits

    Issue 244 (February 2015)

    Mark Willis describes a new scheme due for introduction during 2015, aimed at assisting with childcare costs for some families, and its exclusive interaction with universal credit (UC) and tax credits. UPDATE: Tax-Free Childcare will not be introduced until 2017.

  • CPAG in Scotland response to Childcare Commission Call for Evidence - August 2014

    August 2014

    CPAG in Scotland responded to a call for evidence from the Independent Commission for Childcare Reform. CPAG’s submission covers the need for more affordable, high quality, flexible childcare, the lack of financial support for families and the obstacles to childcare which currently prevent low income families from accessing existing provision.

    You can read the full response here.

  • Tax credits and childcare


    This factsheet looks at when parents in work can get help with childcare costs through working tax credit.

  • Childcare support under universal credit

    October 2013

    The cost of childcare is a key constraint that many low-income parents face when trying to work more. Here’s CPAG offers its analysis and recommendations to government on proposals for new childcare support under universal credit.