community care grant

  • Local welfare assistance schemes


    A local welfare assistance scheme can help you if you are in urgent need following an emergency or unforeseen event and have no other source of help. The schemes are run by local councils and they vary. You may be able to get vouchers to pay for food, fuel or clothing or bigger basic living items such as beds, cookers and fridges. You can’t usually get cash.

  • Local welfare assistance: resources


    Need other ways to get help in an emergency?

    See this blog and scroll down to the heading, Short-term benefit advances and other emergency provision

  • Northern Ireland


    Community care grants and crisis loans are no longer availabe in Northern Ireland but people experiencing a financial crisis can apply for Discretionary Help from the Finance Support Service.

    According to the nidirect website, Discretionary Support provides quick, short-term financial support and -

  • Local Welfare Assistance Schemes A-Z


    Use the A-Z links below to search for local welfare assistance schemes under the name of the council area where you live if you live in England or Scotland. 

  • Welfare reform in 2013

    Issue 233 (April 2013)

    2013 is a landmark year in welfare reform. Simon Osborne outlines the main changes.

  • What is replacing the social fund?

    Issue 233 (April 2013)

    David Simmons looks at alternative provision following the abolition of the discretionary social fund (SF) from 1 April 2013.

  • Inspecting the inspectors (2010)

    Issue 217 (August 2010)

    In the latest of an occasional series of articles on the decisions of social fund inspectors (see Bulletins 196, 197, 200 and 204), Edward Graham examines some recent cases relating to community care grants.

  • Refugees and benefits

    Issue 215 (April 2010)

    Mark Willis examines the rights of refugees to claim benefits and the problems that can arise.

  • Shredding the safety net to our national safety net

    The UK’s social security system has long recognised that benefit levels are not sufficient for claimants to build up savings and manage unexpected or one-off costs. However, from April 2015, there will be no source of funding for this.

  • The importance of local welfare assistance

    Maria is one of thousands of parents up and down the country who have received support from their council through local welfare provision funding. She was living with her abusive partner and her child, with no access to the household’s money, and no family in the country.