cost of a child

  • Why we should help parents with the cost of children

    4 September 2012

    Our new report The Cost of a Child in the Twenty-First Century reveals how life changes profoundly as a result of having children. It’s not simply a case of having to buy a pram, clothes and other child-related items. Parents go out less, prioritise their children’s needs above their own and struggle to find time for themselves. The basic cost of raising children  - £143,000 - has risen faster than inflation. Read on to find out why...

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  • ‘Having kids shouldn’t be a luxury’ - Mumsnet response to cost of a child research

    New research has revealed that families on minimum wage are 18% short of the amount needed for a basic standard of living. Here, MN blogger Catherine Mann argues that parenting must not become the preserve of the rich.

    Everyone knows that August is an expensive time to be a parent. Whether it's paying for a holiday away, funding all-day childcare while school is shut, or just buying a round of ice creams on a day out - the break from routine can't help but put additional pressure on the family budget. And that's before you start to restock the uniform drawers.