Cost of the school day

  • Parents, carers and Parent Councils


    Involving parents, carers and Parent Councils in Cost of the School Day means identifying and tackling the right issues together.

    Parent Councils have a duty to act as the voice for all parents in their schools. They also help to advise schools on their policies and plans. This means that they are ideal partners in Cost of the School Day. Parent Councils can play a key role in highlighting where costs are affecting parents and can work with their schools to make changes which will minimise the impact of costs. 

  • Money matters for children's outcomes: focusing on income maximisation and financial entitlements in schools

    Action to address the Cost of the School Day often focuses on minimising school costs. Alongside this, schools can play a crucial role in supporting families to access financial entitlements and maximise their incomes.       

    Researchers from the London School of Economics recently re-examined whether money itself matters for children’s development.

  • News, events and reports


    CPAG in Scotland Cost of the School Day submission to the Scottish Parliament's inquiry into poverty and attainment

    The Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee is holding an inquiry on the impact of experiencing poverty on young people at school, including their attainment and their achievement.

  • Share your good practice with other schools in Scotland

    Are you or your colleagues striving to reduce costs and financial stigma? Have your actions made a difference to children and their families? Could others learn from what you’ve been up to?

    If you work in a school, local authority or in the voluntary sector, share your tips, stories and examples with the Cost of the School Day project. We will share your good practice with the schools we work in and include them in our good practice story bank.

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  • Cost of the School Day support and training for your school


    How does poverty affect children's participation and experiences in your school? Cost of the School Day helps schools to identify and tackle financial barriers to participation and learning.

    CPAG works with hundreds of organisations throughout Scotland every year to deliver training and support. The Cost of the School Day project is funded to provide advisory support to local authorities interested in adopting poverty proofing approaches. In addition, we offer audits, training and workshops to individual schools and learning communities and at local authority level.

  • Current project snapshot: Cost of the School Day (Dundee)

    Cost of the School Day Dundee was a key recommendation of the Dundee Fairness Commission in 2016. The Commission stated that ‘good quality education...
  • Good practice stories and tips

    Schools across Scotland are doing fantastic work to minimise costs, maximise opportunities and address stigma for children from low-income households. Here we share some of the good practice stories and tips gathered from schools and local authorities adopting a Cost of the School Day approach.  
    Good practice tips from Scottish Learning Festival 2017 delegates

    We asked delegates at our Scottish Learning Festival Cost of the School Day seminar to jot down some of the good practice in tackling financial barriers to participation currently taking place in their contexts.

  • Resources for schools

    These free resources, many suitable for use in group or training settings, can support schools to increase their understanding of child poverty, identify the impact of school costs and decide what action to take.
    Free Cost of the School Day poverty proofing resources

    We are delighted to share some new Cost of the School Day resources, all available free to download using the links below.