council tax

  • Council tax reduction


    Council tax reduction reduces the amount of council tax you have to pay if you have a low income. 

    There are other ways to pay less council tax. Check your local authority's council tax discount scheme if you live alone, or someone in the household is a young person, a student or trainee, has a severe mental impairment or is a live-in carer. Check the disability reduction scheme if someone with a disabilty in your household uses an extra room or has space to use a wheelchair.

  • Too poor to pay: the impact of the second year of localised council tax support in London


    Too poor to pay tracks the impact of the second year (2014-15) of localised council tax support schemes which replaced national council tax benefit in April 2013. Council tax support is for people on low incomes, in or out-of-work, and reduces the amount of their council tax bill they are liable for.

    When the local schemes started up, funding was cut by 10 per cent. To plug the gap, many councils began demanding minimum payments of up to £380 per year from working age residents who had been deemed too poor to pay anything under the previous national scheme.

  • Council Tax Handbook


    Council Tax Handbook

    Price £22 (cover price) (Members and CAB Price £20) 
    c.305 pages  ISBN 978-1-910715-02-4

  • Editorial: low-income families face another bleak year

    Issue 141 (Spring 2013)

    Looking back at how low-income families fared in 2012 is a dispiriting exercise: minimal wage rises, the escalating price of essentials and benefit cuts all conspired to make it a dismal year.  Sadly, 2013 looks set to be no better: this year we will see, among other things, the introduction of the benefit cap which, for the first time since the 1970s, disconnects assistance from assessed need; the localisation of the social fund and of council tax benefit, which will result in many low-income families having to find the funds to pay council tax in the future; and the advent of the tougher regimes of both universal credit and personal independence payment.