David Simmons

  • Challenging the bedroom tax: update

    Issue 237 (December 2013)

    David Simmons provides an update on the 'bedroom tax'.

  • Home sweet home

    Issue 215 (April 2010)

    David Simmons examines a recent First-tier Tribunal decision which looked at the issue of housing benefit (HB) entitlement for a long stay hospital patient who only returned to his normal home for occasional visits.

  • Inspecting the inspectors (2008)

    Issue 204 (June 2008)

    In the latest of an occasional series of articles on the decisions of social fund inspectors, David Simmons considers some recent cases about capital, repeat applications and budgeting loans.

  • MPs' verdict on incapacity benefit reform

    Issue 192 (June 2006)

    David Simmons outlines the findings of the Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into the Government's proposed reform of incapacity benefits.

  • Pre-Budget Report 2009

    Issue 214 (February 2010)

    David Simmons highlights the most significant announcements relating to welfare benefits and tax credits.

  • Pregnant students and means-tested benefits

    Issue 194 (October 2006)

    David Simmons examines the barriers to accessing means-tested benefits for full-time students who have to interrupt their studies because of pregnancy.

  • State pension reform from April 2010

    Issue 214 (February 2010)

    David Simmons summarises the principal and consequential changes.

  • To cap it all…

    Issue 222 (June 2011)

    David Simmons sets out a critical analysis of the proposal to introduce a ‘benefit cap’ from April 2013.

  • Universal credit: universal panacea?

    Issue 219 (December 2010)

    David Simmons takes a look at the Government’s intention to replace the main means-tested benefits for working-age claimants with a universal credit.