European social security co-ordination

  • Residence and presence tests – in detail

    training course

    The operation of the residence and presence tests for EEA nationals changes all the time, and with Brexit looming it is even more important to understand what social security rights EEA nationals and their family members currently have. 

    This one-day experienced level course looks in detail at how European nationals can satisfy the residence and presence requirements in benefits and tax credits and provides an update on recent developments. It will cover the new EEA Regulations that came into force in February 2017, and caselaw developments on:

    • EEA residence rights;
    • who has a 'genuine and sufficient link to the UK' and therefore does not need to wait 2 years to get disability and carer's benefits;
    • and when the UK is or is not the 'competent state'

    It focuses on groups experiencing particular difficulties with the tests and those for whom the application of these tests is changing.

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  • European nationals and sickness benefits

    Issue 250 (February 2016)

    Henri Krishna looks at rules which determine which European state is responsible for the payment of certain ‘cash sickness benefits’.

  • Residence rights round-up

    Issue 247 (August 2015)

    Henri Krishna examines the most significant developments in residence-related rights for European migrants over the last year.

  • New restrictions for migrants

    Issue 238 (February 2014)

    Rebecca Walker, author of the immigration and residence rules section of CPAG’s Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook, explains the new residence requirements introduced from January 2014.

  • The accession of Croatia

    Issue 235 (August 2013)

    On 1 July 2013 Croatia became the newest member of the European Union (EU). Henri Krishna outlines the changes.

  • CDLA/735/2009 – Exporting DLA – when does the UK cease to be the competent state?

    Last updated: October 17, 2012
    test case

    The claimant in this case moved to Spain from the UK on 5th November 2002. She was in receipt of the lower rate of the care component of DLA. She had paid enough national insurance contributions to be entitled to a state retirement pension once she passed retirement age. She never worked or claimed benefits in Spain. Her DLA was terminated on 8th January 2007.

  • CDLA/2053/2011 – exporting disability living allowance - from what date claims should be revised or superseded

    Last updated: June 6, 2012
    test case

    This case concerns the date from which claims for disability living allowance (DLA) should be revised or superseded.

  • New EU social security co-ordination rules

    Issue 217 (August 2010)

    Pamela Fitzpatrick considers the significance of changes to the European Union (EU) social security co-ordination rules.