judicial review

  • Success stories

    1: Challenging UC conditionality


    X had scored 12 points at her Work Capability Assessment (WCA) on the basis of her mental health.

  • Grounds

    Ground Description Example
  • Do I need a lawyer?


    The short answer is: no (not at the pre-action stage i.e. before the matter goes to court).

    The pre-action stage is cost-free and there is no financial risk to your client.

    The letter before action is simply asking the lawyers for the decision maker to look at the decision or action/inaction again (because the decision has been reached in the wrong way etc.).

  • Get involved!


    CPAG is trying to improve access to justice by encouraging the use of Judicial Review across the advice sector. Can you help?

    Do you keep coming across a decision or action/inaction that you think is unfair and there is no obvious way to challenge it? Get in touch! We may be able to add a template to our letter templates section.

  • How can Judicial Review help my clients?


    An increasing number of welfare rights decisions and actions are not open to appeal and are likely to be issues your clients face regularly. For example:

  • How does Judicial Review work?


    Judicial Review can provide a ‘quick win’ in cases of poor decision making and delays by public bodies. It is also the route to challenge unfair or unjust and ultimately unlawful legislation. This section will primarily deal with the ‘quick win’ scenarios which advisers may find useful on a day-to-day basis.


  • Judicial Review pre-action letters


    The following links are to pre-action protocol template letters. We hope you find these useful. This list is being constantly updated, so please check back if you cannot find the letter you are looking for, or contact us to see if it is something we are planning to produce: jrproject@cpag.org.uk

    Please give us feedback if you have used any of the letters by answering this quick survey.

  • Judicial Review project


    Our Judicial Review project has been set up to help welfare rights advisers with the Judicial Review process. In this section you will find information about the following:

  • What is Judicial Review?


    Judicial review is a legal challenge to a public body: