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  • Revised Benefit Cap

    Last updated: July 4, 2018
    test case

     R (DS and Others) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    The appeal in this case will be heard from 17-19 July by a 7 judge panel of the Supreme Court alongside that of R(DA and Others) v SSWP

    On 9 March 2017, CPAG issued a claim for judicial review in the High Court against the Secretary of State for Work and Pension (SSWP) to challenge the legality of the lowered benefit cap as it applies to lone parents. The case was heard on 26 March 2018, having previously been stayed and then an earlier hearing date adjourned because of the related case of DA concerning lone parents with children under two. In light of the Court of Appeal decision in DA (given on 15 March 2018), we invited the High Court in our case to dismiss our claim without a full hearing and to grant us a certificate to allow us to bypass the Court of Appeal and seek permission to appeal direct to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court granted permission to appeal on 4 June 2018 and the two cases of DS and DA are now to be heard together from 17-19 July 2018.

  • Lone parents and tax credits


    This factsheet contains information about tax credits for lone parents.

  • Financial help for families fleeing domestic violence


    This factsheet gives a brief overview of what financial help is available if you have to flee your home due to domestic abuse.

    The information about benefits and tax credits is relevant UK-wide, but some other help may only be available in Scotland.

    This leaflet is not a full statement of the law and individuals should be referred for specialist advice where appropriate.

  • Benefits and tax credits for lone parent students


    This factsheet sets out the main social security benefits and tax credits that lone parents may be able to claim during a course of education.

  • Dealing with sanctions


    This factsheet explains the basic rules on sanctions, and the exceptions and special circumstances that can apply to lone parents and young people.

  • Work-related activity for lone parents

    Issue 240 (June 2014)

    Dan Norris describes a rule making new demands on lone parents as a condition of getting income support (IS) or employment and support allowance (ESA).

  • Lone parents and benefit reform

    Issue 197 (April 2007)

    Edward Graham looks at recent announcements and rumours regarding lone parents and benefit.

  • Welfare Reform Act 2012

    Issue 227 (April 2012)

    Do acts speak louder than words? Edward Graham gives a round-up of the changes on their way.

  • Tax Credits: ‘technical overpayments’ and ‘offsetting’

    Issue 211 (August 2009)

    David Simmons examines the current state of play on the recurring issue of tax credits overpayments which arise when a partner leaves or joins a household.