• Advising BME communities project


    The advising black and minority ethnic (BME) communities project aims to support those working with both existing and new BME communities - including migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers - to maximize potential income available through the benefits and tax credits system for families and individuals at the risk of poverty.

    This project provides a range of training, information, a quarterly ebulletin and support for organisations and those working with BME groups.

  • Benefits for new refugees


    This factsheet is for people who have been granted refugee status, indefinite leave to remain, humanitarian protection or discretionary leave – as long as one of these applies to you, you have the same rights to benefits as UK nationals. It tells you what benefits you may be able to claim and what to do if you are having problems getting paid.

    This factsheet contains information which is relevant UK wide.

  • Residence rights and wrongs

    Issue 242 (October 2014)

    Henri Krishna reviews recent changes in rules1 about residence and benefits, concentrating on developments not already covered by articles on the 1 January 2014 changes in CPAG's Welfare Rights Bulletin 238 and the Saint Prix decision of the European Court of Justice in CPAG's Welfare Rights Bulletin 241.

    • 1. SI 2014/1451
  • Saint Prix v DWP: pregnancy and right to reside

    Last updated: June 25, 2014
    test case

    Jessy Saint Prix v Department for Work and Pensions C-507/12.

    The issue in this case is whether a French national who became temporarily unable to work due to pregnancy and childbirth and had no continuing employment rights retained her status as a 'worker' in EU law and therefore her right of residence in the UK when she claimed income support on grounds of pregnancy.  

  • Arrival of the Benefits for Migrants Handbook

    This guest blog is written by Rebecca Walker, author of the immigration and residence chapters of the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook and lead author of the new Benefits for Migrants Handbook.

    This week sees the publication of CPAG’s Benefits for Migrants Handbook which, many readers will agree, arrives not a moment too soon. 2014 has been a year of yet more restrictions on the benefit entitlements of people who have come to the UK.

  • Benefits for Migrants Handbook


    Benefits for Migrants

    Price £35 (cover price) (Members and CAB Price £30.00)
    c.500 pages  ISBN 978-1-906076-96-2

  • Employment and migrant poverty

    Issue 138 (Spring 2011)

    The issue of migrant poverty and employment is complex and migrants’ experiences in the UK differ enormously. While some of these variations stem from the uniqueness of individual experience, others relate to the migrant’s particular immigration status and her/his associated right to reside in the UK and to access work.

  • EU court upholds equality for pregnant workers

    June 19, 2014
    press release

    A landmark ruling today from the EU’s highest court has upheld the rights of pregnant EU nationals to equal treatment when claiming benefits.   The European Court of Justice ruled that a French national who was working in the UK and had to give up work because of the late stages of pregnancy should be entitled to income support.

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  • How should the child poverty strategy reduce poverty in migrant communities? A response to the 'Tackling Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances' consultation

    February 2011

    This response supplements CPAG's main response to the consultation (see below) but it focuses on the needs of families in migrant communities. It sets out the actions we believe necessary for the strategy to reflect the particular needs of a group of children who are particularly vulnerable to poverty.

  • Latest advising BME communities e-bulletin

    24 February 2015

    Read our latest e-bulletin which includes: Training; Benefits for Migrants Handbook and Scottish Welfare Fund entitlement for migrants.

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