• Tax Credits: ‘technical overpayments’ and ‘offsetting’

    Issue 211 (August 2009)

    David Simmons examines the current state of play on the recurring issue of tax credits overpayments which arise when a partner leaves or joins a household.

  • Overpayment of benefit

    Level: Standard

    training course

    Benefit may be overpaid for many reasons and recovery often leaves people in hardship. Using practical examples, this course equips you to deal with overpayments by taking a systematic approach to checking and challenging recoverability. It also looks at the different rules and tactics that apply with the introduction of universal credit.

    The course covers:

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  • Overpayments and recovery at common law

    Issue 196 (February 2007)

    It may have been thought that, with his success in the case of B, the Secretary of State would have been content with the overpayment recovery powers in section 71 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992. However, recent correspondence between the DWP and CPAG reveals that the DWP thinks it also has powers of recovery under the common law. Stewart Wright explains the correspondence, suggests why the DWP may be wrong and how the issue may be tested in court.

  • Overpayments and recovery – Secretary of State waiver

    Issue 190 (February 2006)

    Sarah Clarke describes DWP guidance on when recovery of a benefit overpayment might be waived.

  • Reporting changes – failures and overpayments

    Issue 196 (February 2007)

    Simon Osborne looks at the law on reporting changes of circumstance, in the light of recent case law and the ongoing centralisation of offices at Jobcentre Plus.

  • Supreme Court victory: overpayment recovery

    Issue 220 (February 2011)

    Sarah Clarke reports on the decision of the Supreme Court on the recovery of benefit overpayments via the ‘common law’.