• "No room for complacency" say child poverty campaigners as over 1 in 5 children in Scotland still living in poverty

    June 25, 2015
    press release
    • Falls in child poverty welcome, but material deprivation increases
    • Campaigners fear worse to come as big cuts threatened to tax credits, and say housing costs must be kept down to protect family budgets
    • Grim news across UK as government no closer to meeting child poverty targets

    Responding to today’s publication of official 2013/14 child poverty statistics for Scotland and the rest of the UK, John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said:

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  • 60 years of the welfare state

    Issue 130 (Summer 2008)
    The welfare state at 60

    Paul Dornan considers the up and downs of social change since 1948, championing the need for a renewed sense of purpose in social policy research.

  • Benefit claimants become filmmakers to challenge stereotypes

    October 15, 2013
    press release

    Dole Animators, a ground-breaking project based in Leeds, is a group of jobseekers, single parents and disabled people who have made an animated film about their experience claiming support through social security during the period when the government’s welfare reforms are being implemented.

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  • CPAG in Scotland welcomes appointment of new Scottish Government adviser on poverty

    23 June 2015

    Today the Scottish Government announced the appointment of Naomi Eisenstadt as the First Minister's new independent adviser on poverty and inequality. Responding to the appointment, John Dickie, Director of CPAG in Scotland said:

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  • Fair for who? Child maintenance and family tests.

    Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he wants to see all domestic government policies subjected to a ‘family test’ in future, apparently to ensure that families aren’t undermined or made worse off financially.  But does the ‘family test’ itself pass the test?

    Initially at least, it may be difficult to understand why anyone would be against such an approach. Indeed, we have been arguing that government should pay attention to a wide range of policy areas, such as employment, benefits, and family support services, to reduce child poverty and help improve the lot of poor families for many years.

    One concern, however, is that it’s unclear whether the proposed ‘family test’ applies to lone parent families, too.

  • First thoughts on the ‘National Living Wage’


    A substantial increase in the National Minimum Wage for over-25s (or National Living Wage, as Osborne’s re-badging has it) can only be a good thing for low-paid workers. It should be celebrated. That much, at least, is clear.

  • Government and energy companies must act on Hills fuel poverty report

    press release

    In response to the publication today of the Hills report on fuel poverty, the Head of Policy for Child Poverty Action Group, Imran Hussain, said:

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  • Government fiscal hindrance package could tip us into recession

    press release

    Commenting on the new economic performance figures published by the Office for National Statistics today, the Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said:

    “This is extremely worrying. A shrinking economy is especially bad news for the poorest families already reeling from the VAT increase and the rising cost of living. But things may get worse for all of us when the massive and unprecedented cuts to basic welfare benefits and social security start to bite.

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  • How the poor have been hit hardest by inflation

    It’s hardly news that the incomes of poorer families have been squeezed until the pips squeak. Declining real wages, underemployment and cuts to social security have all combined to drive down the living standards of those at the bottom of the income distribution in recent years. But low-incomes families have had to contend with another downward pressure that until yesterday we may have intuited, but hadn’t yet seen fully evidenced.

  • Looking for families affected by the benefit cap

    9 August 2016

    This autumn the benefit cap will be cut, squeezing low-income families even further and pushing more people into poverty. We are looking for test cases to legally challenge the benefit cap.

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