• Scottish benefits


    Some benefits are already different in Scotland and some are transferring from the UK to Scotland. The Scottish Government sets the rules for these benefits and a new agency called Social Security Scotland has been created to deliver these benefits. There are still many benefits which are UK-wide and which people in Scotland are able to claim.

  • Carer's assistance


    Carer’s allowance will transfer to the Scottish Government. Before then, you’ll be paid an extra carer’s allowance supplement if you get carer’s allowance and live in Scotland. When it transfers, you’ll continue to get carer’s allowance but it will be paid by Social Security Scotland, the new agency to deliver Scottish benefits. Later, the Scottish Government plans to make changes to eligibility rules as it develops the new carer’s assistance.

    For young carers who can't get carer's allowance, there will be a new Scottish benefit.

  • Funeral support payment


    Funeral support payment will be a one-off grant to help with the costs of a funeral if you are on a low income. The funeral may be of a partner, family member or friend. It could also be the funeral of a child who is still-born.

    Funeral support payment will be introduced by summer 2019 and will replace the current social fund funeral payment in Scotland.

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  • Housing assistance


    Housing assistance will be a new Scottish benefit. It will be paid to people who get universal credit and who need extra help with rent in very specific circumstances.


    June 2018      Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018

    Sets out framework rules for housing assistance

    To follow         Consultation on regulations

  • Legislation


    The Scottish Government is introducing legislation to underpin the new Scottish social security system.

  • Universal credit and kinship carers


    This factsheet explains how universal credit affects kinship carers.

    This factsheet is only relevant to Scotland.

  • Universal credit Scottish choices


    With Scottish choices, you can ask for universal credit to paid twice a month and for the amount in universal credit for rent to be paid direct to your landlord.

  • A Best Start in Scotland

    Issue 268 (February 2019)

    Mark Willis describes the new maternity grant in Scotland.

  • Universal credit



    Universal credit is the biggest change to our social security system in over sixty years. It will eventually replace many of the current benefits and tax credits for people of working age. With the national roll-out now complete, increasing numbers of people can claim universal credit including families with children, those with health conditions and those in work.


  • The Social Security Act (Scotland) 2018

    Issue 264 (June 2018)

    Kirsty McKechnie describes the provisions in the first legislation passed establishing the Scottish social security system.