• Council tax reduction


    Council tax reduction reduces the amount of council tax you have to pay if you have a low income. 

    There are other ways to pay less council tax. Check your local authority's council tax discount scheme if you live alone, or someone in the household is a young person, a student or trainee, has a severe mental impairment or is a live-in carer. Check the disability reduction scheme if someone with a disabilty in your household uses an extra room or has space to use a wheelchair.

  • Discretionary housing payments - more information


    The law is in the Discretionary Financial Assistance Regulations 2001.

    Decision makers in local authorities also use the Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance Manual to help them make decisions on DHP applications.

  • Scottish social security


    Guide to the new Scottish social security system

    Some social security benefits are changing in Scotland. Use this guide to find out what is changing and when.

    Scottish benefits

    Find out which benefits are different in Scotland, and who can get them.


    Find out more about the legal rules for Scottish social security benefits.

  • Winter heating assistance


    Winter heating assistance will replace the current UK-wide Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments in Scotland.


    June 2018      Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018.

    The Act makes provision for cold spell and winter heating assistance regulations

    By 2021          Winter heating assistance available from Social Security Scotland.


  • Disability assistance


    Personal independence payment, disability living allowance and attendance allowance will transfer to the Scottish Government. When they transfer, you'll continue to get benefit but if you live in Scotland it will be paid by Social Security Scotland, the new agency to deliver Scottish benefits. The Scottish Government plans to make changes to how these benefits operate as it develops the new disability assistance.


    June 2018       Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018

  • New social security powers in Scotland

    Issue 251 (April 2016)

    Judith Paterson looks at proposals to use new social security powers in Scotland.

  • Initial thoughts on devolution

    October 2014

    Further devolution in Scotland should be underpinned by clear strategic objectives and principles. The merits of any settlement should be judged on the extent to which they provide a realistic opportunity to reduce child poverty and wider socio-economic inequality.

  • A welfare reform early warning system

    Issue 240 (June 2014)

    Kirsty McKechnie, welfare rights worker at CPAG in Scotland, describes CPAG in Scotland’s welfare reform monitoring system.

  • Child poverty campaigners say Ministers have “no time to lose” in acting on Commission’s child poverty advice

    February 26, 2018
    press release
    “Investment in social security needed if targets are to be met” says independent Commission

    Responding to today’s publication of independent advice on child poverty from the Poverty and Inequality Commission’s (26/02/18) John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said:

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  • Cost of the School Day research published

    October 2, 2015
    press release

    Children and young people from low income families in Glasgow can find that costs across the school day act as a barrier to their participation at school. This can make pupils feel excluded and in some cases, may have a direct result on their ability to achieve, research has found.

    The research findings from a unique, year-long pilot project in Glasgow looking at the impact of poverty on the lives of children and young people and their access to an education will be published on Friday 2 October.

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