Scottish Welfare Fund

  • Scottish Welfare Fund


    The Scottish Welfare Fund provides crisis grants for living expenses in the event of an emergency or disaster, and community care grants to enable and support independent living.


    April 2013       Scottish welfare fund begins.

    Replaced social fund crisis loans for general expenses and community care grants paid by the Department for Work and Pensions.

    2015              Welfare Funds (Scotland) Act 2015

  • Supporting clients with no money


    This factsheet outlines some of the potential sources of support that may be available when clients are without money because of benefit delays, sanctions or some other crisis.

  • Scottish welfare fund - more information


    The law on the Scottish Welfare Fund is in the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Act 2015 and the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Regulations 2016

    Guidance about how to operate the scheme has been issued to local authorities. 

  • Local welfare assistance schemes


    A local welfare assistance scheme can help you if you are in urgent need following an emergency or unforeseen event and have no other source of help. The schemes are run by local councils and they vary. You may be able to get vouchers to pay for food, fuel or clothing or bigger basic living items such as beds, cookers and fridges. You can’t usually get cash.

  • Scottish Welfare Fund – effective applications

    Level: Standard

    training course

    The Scottish welfare fund can be an important resource for individuals and families facing emergencies, or during particular stages in their lives when they need additional support. This course gives advisers a practical introduction to the fund, an overview of the tactics which make for an effective application, and how to seek reviews when an initial application fails. It also covers when and how to make applications for universal credit advances and short-term benefit advances of other DWP benefits - often a preliminary step before a Scottish welfare fund application.

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  • The Scottish Welfare Fund and advance payments of benefit


    This factsheet explains the new Scottish Welfare Fund, changes to the DWP discretionary Social Fund, and advance payments of benefits.

  • Elearning courses


    We have developed three elearning courses to help frontline workers who do not work in welfare rights get to grips with important changes in the benefits system. These three courses are currently free:

    • Scottish Welfare Fund
    • Surviving the Appeals Process
    • Universal Credit

    Advantages of elearning

    Elearning has many advantages. It is a flexible and cost effective way to learn, avoiding the expense of travel and extra time away from work.

    There are other benefits that might not be so obvious:

  • Local welfare assistance: resources


    Need other ways to get help in an emergency?

    See this blog and scroll down to the heading, Short-term benefit advances and other emergency provision

  • CPAG in Scotland briefing on the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1 Debate

    December 2014

    The Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill was debated (Stage 1) in the Scottish Parliament on 15 December 2014. CPAG in Scotland produced this briefing for MSPs.

  • CPAG in Scotland response to the Call for evidence on the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill - August 2014

    August 2014

    The Scottish Parlament's Welfare Reform Committee has issued a Call for Evidence on the Bill intended to place the Scottish welfare fund (SWF) on a permanent footing from 2015.

    Our response welcomes the Bill but raises concerns with soem aspects of the Bill, drawing on evidence from our advice line about the operation of the interim SWF. You can read the full response here.