Simon Osborne

  • Government press on with compulsion

    Issue 201 (February 2008)

    A trio of official publications in late 2007 and early this year provide further detail of the increasing compulsion - or conditionality - being applied to benefit claimants, with the accompanying threat of sanctions (and resulting poverty) for non-compliance. Simon Osborne describes the announcements.

  • Housing benefit overpayments – who is liable?

    Issue 193 (August 2006)

    Simon Osborne describes the bizarrely complex rules regarding from whom a housing benefit overpayment is recoverable, and when appeals can be made.

  • Incapacity and 'substantial risk'

    Issue 200 (October 2007)

    Simon Osborne looks at various approaches to applying the ‘substantial risk’ provision that is part of the test for incapacity for work.

  • Making the poor pay: the Budget and benefits

    Issue 217 (August 2010)

    Simon Osborne examines the changes to benefits and tax credits announced in the June 2010 Budget.

  • Reporting changes – failures and overpayments

    Issue 196 (February 2007)

    Simon Osborne looks at the law on reporting changes of circumstance, in the light of recent case law and the ongoing centralisation of offices at Jobcentre Plus.

  • Tribunal rules round-up

    Issue 224 (October 2011)

    Simon Osborne considers some of the recent caselaw concerning tribunals and in particular the application of the Tribunal Rules.

  • Weighing medical evidence: problems old and new

    Issue 212 (October 2009)

    Simon Osborne highlights recent decisions of the Upper Tribunal on the weighing of medical evidence which show that old problems have not gone away, while others reflect more recent trends.

  • Work-focused interviews: recent rules and research

    Issue 198 (June 2007)

    Simon Osborne looks at the most recent rules and at what the latest research suggests about their likely effectiveness.