• Students and benefits – the basics

    Level: Basic

    training course

    This half-day course provides a basic overview of social security benefits and tax credits, and which further and higher education students might be able to claim them. The course is for student advisers and other frontline workers who are new to benefits.

    The course covers:

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  • Benefits and tax credits for students


    This factsheet gives a general overview of the benefits and tax credits that students may be eligible to claim.

  • Benefits for disabled students


    If you are a full-time student with a long-term illness or disability you may be able to stay on benefits while you are studying.

    This factsheet explains the rules allowing you to do so. There are no special rules for part-time students, so if you are claiming benefits because of disability or illness and start studying part-time, then as long as you continue to satisfy the rules for those benefits, your benefits can continue.

  • Benefits for young people in further education or training


    This factsheet covers the rules for young people in further education or on certain training courses claiming means-tested benefits. It does not cover other benefits that young people may be eligible for.


  • Employment and support allowance and studying


    This factsheet provides information about employment and support allowance, a benefit for people who have health problems or disabilities that are a barrier to work, as it applies to students.

  • Parents claiming for young people in further education or training


    The aim of this factsheet is to explain when a parent, or someone responsible for a child, can continue to claim benefit for a child aged 16 or over.

  • Benefits and tax credits for European students


    This factsheet outlines the main restrictions and potential eligibility for benefits/tax credits for students from a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA). It is not a full and complete guide, and anyone from abroad should always seek further advice from your local citizens advice bureau or other advice agency when considering making a claim for benefit.

  • New 2016/17 student loans and benefits

    Issue 254 (October 2016)

    Angela Toal explains two changes to English student funding for advanced level courses from the 2016/17 academic year, and how the new funding affects social security benefits.

  • Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook


    Benefits for students in Scotland Handbook

    Price £20 (cover price) (Members and CAB Price £18.00) 
    c.200 pages  ISBN 978-1-910715-00-0

  • Student Support and Benefits Handbook: England, Wales and Northern Ireland


    Students and benefits

    Price £20 (cover price) (Members and CAB Price £18.00) 
    c.330 pages  ISBN 978-1-910715-04-8