tax credits

  • Childcare support for working families

    Level: Basic

    training course

    This half-day course is for people working in childcare and early years, who want to maximise incomes for working families and help them to avoid common benefit problems. It concentrates on who can get help with the costs of childcare through the social security system, and how this interacts with other sources of support, including the new tax-free childcare scheme. No previous knowledge of benefits is required.

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  • Overpayments and official error

    Issue 242 (October 2014)

    Simon Osborne reviews rules on the relationship between benefit overpayment recovery and official error, with reference to some recent decisions from the Upper Tribunal.

  • Mandatory reconsideration of HMRC decisions

    Issue 241 (August 2014)

    Mark Willis takes a look at the rules introducing mandatory reconsideration into appeal rights for tax credits, child benefit and guardian’s allowance.

  • Tax credits - moving on to universal credit


    This factsheet explains what happens to your tax credit award with the introduction of universal credit.

  • Tax credits and childcare


    This factsheet looks at when parents in work can get help with childcare costs through working tax credit.

  • Parliamentary briefing on 'welfare cap' and Charter for Budgetary Responsiblity

    March 2014

    At the Budget in March 2014, the government announced it would be amending the Charter for Budgetary Responsibility to implement a new 'welfare cap' policy.

  • Tax credits revival

    Issue 238 (February 2014)

    Mark Willis considers some recent and forthcoming changes to the administration of tax credits.

  • Tax credits - key issues for advisers

    Level: Standard

    training course

    This one-day course rounds up all the outstanding issues you may encounter with tax credits, including in the transition to universal credit. Tax credits will be with us for some time yet, and continue to provide vital support to the majority of families with children and to low-income workers. The course is suitable for people wanting a refresher on the rules and an update on recent changes. 

    The course covers:

    • Claims and decisions
    • Overpayments
    • Reconsiderations and appeals
    • Stopping tax credits and moving on to universal credit


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  • Tax credits - a passport to other help


    Having an award of child tax credit (CTC) or working tax credit (WTC) can sometimes mean that you are ‘passported’ to other assistance. This factsheet explains what other help is available in Scotland, and what other conditions you must meet. This leaflet focuses on tax credits, but other people, for example people on income support, can also qualify for help.