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  • Latest tax credits and early years e-bulletin

    17 December 2014

    Read our latest e-bulletin which includes: training; factsheets; Autumn Statement 2014; new rates from April 2015; penalties up and appeals down.

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  • Latest tax credits and early years ebulletin

    22 December 2015

    Read our latest ebulletin which includes: factsheets; Tax credit rates from April 2016;  Early Warning System: Tax Credits Policy Bulletin;  Tax credits toolkit; and Q&A: Concentrix complaints.

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  • Latest tax credits ebulletin

    28 February 2013

    Read our latest ebulletin which looks at: loss of working tax credit for benefit offences; childcare and child poverty; fraud and error; caselaw; and more.

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  • Minimum wage rise below inflation tightens squeeze on families

    March 20, 2012
    press release

    Commenting on the decision by Ministers to adopt the proposals of the Low Pay Commission for a rise in the National Minimum wage below inflation, and a freeze for younger workers, the Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said:

    “This is another turn of the screw on families working hard in the lowest paid jobs.

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  • On the receiving end: perspectives on being out of work and claiming benefits

    July 2011

    This report by Sharon Wright and Tina Haux presents the findings of a study of advice and employment services for benefit recipients, from the perspectives of service users and advisers.

    The study included sixteen in-depth interviews with people receiving advice about benefits, tax credits and job seeking from different agencies. There was also a focus group to explore the perspectives of advisers. Claimants and advisers are quoted extensively in the report to illustrate the authors' expert analysis. The report ends with CPAG policy conclusions and recommendations, in the context of the latest government proposals for welfare reform.


    June 21, 2017
    press release
    • Welcome shelving of plans to cut universal free school meals
    • No plans for tackling rising child poverty, despite promise to tackle ‘burning injustice’ of poverty
    • Urgent need for a coherent social justice agenda

    Alison Garnham, Chief Executive:

    “We welcome the commitments to strengthen rights at work and the minimum wage for over 25-year-olds, but this is a Queen's Speech conspicuous for what it doesn’t mention and suggests the Government is missing a serious and coherent social justice agenda.

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    Our monthly tax credits e-bulletin keeps you up to date with tax credits news and developments.

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    February 2017 - Concentrix, two child limit

  • Zero-hour contracts are wrong type of growth

    April 30, 2014
    press release

    Commenting on new analysis published today by the Office for National Statistics showing the number of zero-hour contract jobs is higher than previously thought, Imran Hussain, Head of Policy, Rights and Advocacy for Child Poverty Action Group, said:

    “It’s not enough to look at how much the economy is growing, we need to look at how the economy is changing too. We need a recovery all can share in and which isn’t built on the backs of more working families stuck in low pay or the insecurity of zero-hour contracts.

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