universal credit

  • Scotland Welfare Rights Conference

    Friday 7 June 2019

    University of Strathclyde, Technology and Innovation Centre,
    99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD

  • Housing assistance


    Housing assistance will be a new Scottish benefit. It will be paid to people who get universal credit and who need extra help with rent in very specific circumstances.


    June 2018      Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018

    Sets out framework rules for housing assistance

    To follow         Consultation on regulations

  • Universal credit


    This factsheet outlines the process by which universal credit will replace many existing benefits and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.

  • Natural migration in universal credit

    March 2019

    This new briefing looks at natural migration. Natural migration is the movement of people on to universal credit from other benefits when their circumstances change in a way which would normally create eligibility for a new claim for one of the benefits being replaced by universal credit, but instead creates eligibility for universal credit.

  • Universal credit Scottish choices


    With Scottish choices, you can ask for universal credit to paid twice a month and for the amount in universal credit for rent to be paid direct to your landlord.

  • Tax credits: moving on to universal credit


    This factsheet explains what happens to your tax credit award with the introduction of a new benefit, universal credit.

    It contains information that is relevant UK-wide, with more detail on areas in Scotland where universal credit is being introduced.

  • Universal Credit, disability and transitional protection

    Last updated: March 1, 2019
    test case

    R (TD and AD) v SSWP CO/590/2018; R (Reynolds) v SSWP CO/4542/2018

    This case continued notwithstanding the Ministerial statement and subsequent draft regulations claiming to provide transitional protection to those disabled people who have moved onto UC ahead of the managed migration process and, as a consequence, lost out on the SDP. The draft regulations do not in fact provide for a disabled adult previously in receipt of SDP to receive an equivalent top up amount in UC if they are in receipt of the LCWRA element and do not address at all the situation of disabled children.

    The two cases were heard together at the High Court on 23 & 24 January 2019, and the judgment was given on 1 March. The High Court rejected a claim of unlawful discrimination and refused permission to appeal. CPAG will seek leave to appeal direct to the Court of Appeal.

    On 8 February 2018, CPAG issued a claim for permission to apply for judicial review on behalf of two households, each with a person with a disability, challenging the lack of transitional protection or, alternatively, the inability to return to legacy benefits once an award for universal credit has been made, in circumstances where the DWP makes a decision terminating an individual’s award of a legacy benefit, which is subsequently shown to have been a wrong decision and is overturned, and the individual is financially worse off under UC.

  • UC child elements and child benefit

    Issue 268 (February 2019)

    Henri Krishna takes a look at the relationship, both real and imagined, between the child element in universal credit and child benefit

  • UC migration and more

    Issue 268 (February 2019)

    Simon Osborne describes some important recent changes in universal credit (UC).

  • Universal credit – supporting clients

    Level: Basic

    training course

    People in all parts of the country are now getting universal credit (UC).  But whether you can claim depends on where you live and personal circumstances. This course aims to equip you with the knowledge to help your service users get the most out of this new benefit and avoid potential pitfalls.

    The course covers:

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