universal credit

  • Universal credit


    This factsheet outlines the process by which universal credit will replace many existing benefits and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.

  • Universal credit and free school meals

    Issue 266 (October 2018)

    Mark Willis reviews how universal credit (UC) can give entitlement to free school meals.

  • Universal credit managed migration: briefing for parliamentarians

    October 2018

    We have produced a briefing for MPs and peers, because in the next few months they will be debating the way people already claiming certain benefits will be moved onto universal credit. This process is called 'managed migration'. You can read the briefing here.

  • Evidence for the Social Security Committee's inquiry into universal credit and in-work poverty

    October 2018

    Universal credit was introduced with the promise of reducing poverty, simplifying the benefit system and incentivising work - however, CPAG in Scotland evidence provided to the Social Security Committee highlights that this not does appear to be the case.

    Written evidence supplied to the Social Security Committee

  • UC: value for money?

    Issue 265 (August 2018)

    Barbara Donegan describes an independent report which raises some fundamental questions about the operation of universal credit (UC).

  • UC and disability

    Issue 265 (August 2018)

    Simon Osborne reviews some of the main features of universal credit (UC) for claimants with a disability.

  • Scotland Welfare Rights Conference

    Annual Conference: Welfare Rights
    Friday 7 June 2019

    University of Strathclyde, Technology and Innovation Centre,
    99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD

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  • Universal credit



    Universal credit is the biggest change to our social security system in over sixty years. It will eventually replace many of the current benefits and tax credits for people of working age. With the national roll-out underway, increasing numbers of people can claim universal credit including families with children, those with health conditions and those in work.

    The map below shows when universal credit full service is due in your area.

  • Universal credit and housing costs

    Issue 264 (June 2018)

    Martin Williams looks at some common problems with the housing element of universal credit (UC).

  • Universal Credit, disability and transitional protection

    Last updated: July 3, 2018
    test case

    R (TD, AD and IM) v SSWP CO/590/2018

    This case is continuing notwithstanding the Ministerial statement and subsequent draft regulations claiming to provide transitional protection to those disabled people who have moved onto UC ahead of the managed migration process and, as a consequence, lost out on the SDP.  The draft regulations do not in fact provide for a disabled adult previously in receipt of SDP to receive an equivalent top up amount in UC if they are in receipt of the LCWRA element and do not address at all the situation of disabled children.

    The case has been listed for hearing on 23 Jan 2019.

    On 8 February 2018, CPAG issued a claim for permission to apply for judicial review on behalf of two households, each with a person with a disability, challenging the lack of transitional protection or, alternatively, the inability to return to legacy benefits once an award for universal credit has been made in circumstances where the DWP makes a decision terminating an individual’s award of a legacy benefit, which is subsequently shown to have been a wrong decision and is overturned, and the individual is financially worse off under UC.