universal credit

  • Which benefits are eligible for STBAs?


    Short-term benefit advances (STBAs) are not distinct benefits. They are an early payment of a benefit that you have normally already claimed.

  • Implementing the universal credit roll out


    Universal credit will replace working age means-tested benefits and tax credits from October 2013, be they in or out of work payments. It will gradually replace:

  • Managing digital exclusion


    With the roll out of universal credit being focused on people managing their own applications and accounts online, a number of local authorities were concerned about computer and internet access. Applying for universal credit, and in some cases the social fund, will require a relatively long, undisturbed session on the internet, and many authorities are looking at how to best provide this.

    In Birmingham, one service provider was attempting to map all the digital feeds across Birmingham, to ensure there was an adequate map of free Wi-Fi and computer services.

  • Guide to welfare reforms for local authority staff and their partners


    A (long) plain language guide to welfare reforms for local authority staff and their partners

    A wide reaching programme of welfare reform is underway that will have a significant impact on child poverty levels across local authorities. The scope of the welfare reform programme is broad, and a number of reforms will affect a variety of family types, and for many households, these effects will be cumulative.

  • Universal Credit: what you need to know


    Universal Credit What you need to know

    Price £15 (cover price) (Members and CAB Price £13.00) 
    c.159 pages  ISBN 978-1-910715-05-5

  • Universal credit

    Level: Standard

    training course

    The introduction of universal credit (UC) represents a fundamental change to the system of 'legacy benefits' and tax credits it is replacing.

    This one day course covers:

    • the aims and principles of UC;
    • the roll out of UC in 'gateway' and 'full service' areas;
    • who can claim UC;
    • how it is calculated;
    • claims, payments and disputing decisions;
    • conditionality and sanctions

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  • Universal credit: budgeting support

    Issue 234 (June 2013)

    David Simmons examines DWP guidance on the provision of budgeting support for universal credit claimants.

  • Will Universal Credit Work?


    This report, published by the TUC and CPAG, finds that universal credit risks failing even on its own terms unless adjustments to its design are made and broader policies to tackle the causes of poverty are put in place.

  • Welfare reform in 2013

    Issue 233 (April 2013)

    2013 is a landmark year in welfare reform. Simon Osborne outlines the main changes.

  • Introduction to benefits for ill-health

    training course


    This one-day course gives you an introduction to employment and support allowance (ESA) and to claiming amounts in universal credit (UC) for ill or disabled people who are unable to work. Assuming little or no previous experience, this course provides an introduction to the medical assessments that apply for both ESA and universal credit.

    The course covers:

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