2020 child poverty target will not be met

20 October 2014

"We have failed a generation of children who are growing up poor but we will fail them a second time if we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that the 2020 targets will now be met." Read our response.

Today the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission published their 'State of the Nation' report 2014, which concludes that the next government will need to adopt radical new approaches if poverty is to be beaten, mobility improved and if Britain is to avoid becoming a permanently divided society.

Alan Milburn, Chair of the Commission, argues that it is inconceivable that the government will hit its target of reducing child poverty by half by 2020.

Responding to the report, Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said:

“Child poverty is set to rise, not fall, largely as a result of real term cuts to tax credits and benefits. Independent projections show that there will be nearly a million more poor children in the UK by 2020 as a result of policies introduced in recent years.

“We must not accept that failing to meet the targets by 2020 means they can never be achieved. With the right policies, the right time-frame, and the right level of political will we can eradicate child poverty in the UK just as other countries have."

Read our full press release.