Ask CPAG Online - Can you claim another benefit?

You may be able to claim another benefit during a MR if you satisfy the normal conditions of entitlement. Where, for example, you are disputing a decision that you are not entitled to:

  • employment and support allowance (ESA), you may be able to claim jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) instead (you must satisfy the jobseeking conditions also);
  • JSA or ESA, you may be able to claim income support (IS) if you are in an eligible group (e.g. a carer, pregnant, or lone parent with a child under 5).

Note that if you live in a UC 'full service area' or a 'gateway area' and you satisfy the 'gateway conditions', you may have to claim UC rather than ESA, JSA or IS. For more details see UC Natural Migration.

Your MR will only be concerned with the original decision you are disputing. If you are refused benefit again, you will need to request a further MR if you want to challenge the new decision.