Ask CPAG Online - Disputing PIP disability decisions

What is PIP?

PIP is short for ‘personal independence payment’, a social security benefit for adults whose ability to carry out specified daily living and / or mobility activities is restricted because of their physical or mental condition. PIP is replacing disability living allowance (DLA) for working age adults.

The daily living component is paid at a standard rate of £57.30 per week, or an enhanced rate of £85.60 per week.

The mobility component is paid at a standard rate of £22.65 per week, or an enhanced rate of £59.75 per week.

You can qualify for either or both components.

Who qualifies for PIP?

To qualify for PIP, you must be at least 16 and normally under 65, meet certain residence and immigration conditions, and satisfy disability conditions. The rules are explained in Chapter 35 of the CPAG Handbook. Note that there is no means-test and you do not have to satisfy any national insurance conditions.

What are the disability conditions?

Your ability to carry out specified daily living and mobility activities is tested and scored by reference to a list of ‘descriptors’. You must score at least 8 points in respect of these descriptors to qualify for either component of PIP and at least 12 points to qualify for the enhanced rate. You must also normally show that you satisfied the conditions for the three months prior to your claim and are likely to satisfy the conditions for a further 9 months. Special rules apply if you are ‘terminally ill’. You are usually required to complete a questionnaire and attend a medical examination to assess if you satisfy the conditions.

What can you do if you disagree with a decision?

If you are refused PIP, or awarded less than you think you should get, you can dispute the decision by requesting a mandatory reconsideration, and then appealing to an independent tribunal. In most cases, the reason for the decision will be that you do not satisfy the disability conditions i.e. you do not score enough points to qualify for a standard or enhanced award. We refer to these decisions as ‘disability decisions’ in the information you can access below.

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