Ask CPAG Online goes live

24 November 2014

Ask CPAG Online is a new information and advice service from the advice and rights team at Child Poverty Action Group.

Funded by the Baring Foundation, this innovative approach to welfare rights will provide users with up-to-date expert information on the big issues affecting social security claimants and the people who advise them. Additionally, professional advisers will be able to obtain email advice on the online information to help clarify and develop their understanding of relevant issues.

The first round of content focuses on benefit sanctions, which have affected almost 1,500,000 jobseeker’s allowance, and employment and support allowance claimants around the UK since October 2012. As well as explaining the basic concepts around benefit sanctions, the information will help those using the service to understand how to:


  • Avoid sanctions, by understanding the requirements,
  • Challenge sanctions, where things have gone wrong, and
  • Obtain hardship payments, where payments are removed or reduced.


Future content will be guided by the feedback from advisers as to the issues and problems that their clients are facing, with the next round of content looking at issues around Mandatory Reconsideration and how to approach this new system of reviews. We hope that by listening to the views and the needs of advisers from around the country, we can begin to develop a bank of practical online information that will complement CPAG’s best-selling Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

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