Benefits for non-benefit advisers

NOS: LA10, LA49

This practical two-day course is aimed at non-benefits specialists working with people for whom benefits and tax credits are an issue. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the benefits and tax credits system and enables staff to complete basic income maximisation checks on behalf of clients, tenants and service users.

After this course, you will:

• Understand how the benefits system is structured and the differences between contributory, non-contributory and means tested benefits
• Know who can claim each of the benefits which make up the system
• Have an awareness of the principles behind means testing and how the benefit authorities work out entitlement
• Know which benefits can be paid at the same time and those which cannot
• Be able to complete basic benefit checks to ensure people are claiming their likely entitlements
• Be able to advise people on how to make claims and how to challenge decisions
• Have an awareness of welfare reform and how the benefits system is changing.