Benefits for non-EEA nationals

Level: Standard

Advisers can find it difficult and intimidating to advise non-European nationals on how their immigration status affects entitlement to benefits and tax credits. This one-day standard level course offers an opportunity for advisers to gain knowledge and confidence by taking a step-by-step approach and looking in-depth look at how the rules apply to different scenarios.

The course covers:

• Who is a ‘person subject to immigration control’

• Which benefits they are excluded from and the exceptions

• When a ‘no recourse to public funds’ restriction is relevant

• How a change in immigration status affects entitlement to benefits

• The benefit entitlements of someone living with a partner or child with a different immigration status

If you advise European nationals you should also book on the standard level course, Benefits for EEA Nationals or the experienced level course Benefits for EEA Nationals – Advanced.