Child poverty statistics: End Child Poverty coalition statement

June 25, 2015




Responding to the publication of the child poverty statistics, Chair of the End Child Poverty coalition David Holmes, said:

“The announcement that 2.3 million children are still living in relative poverty, and that half a million more are living in absolute poverty since 2010, underlines just how much further there is to go if we are to eliminate child poverty in the UK. It’s difficult to see how we’re going to make a difference to the childhoods and life chances of these millions of children without further concerted action at national level.”

“Today’s figures, showing the majority (64%) of poor children live in working families, are also a very clear warning about the damage cuts to tax credits for the low paid would inflict. This is also up from 55% in 2010.”

“All the main parties signed up to the legal targets to end child poverty so these latest figures ought to lead to a re-examination of the Government’s approach to tackling child poverty.

“Next month’s Budget should be an opportunity for the Government to announce positive steps to reduce child poverty and not a moment for cuts to children’s benefits, like tax credits targeted at children in low income families.

“With the annual cost of child poverty already £29 billion a year it must make good economic as well as moral sense for the Government and indeed the whole nation to commit afresh to reducing and ultimately ending child poverty. The childhoods and future life chances of millions of children are at stake here.”


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Notes to editors

  • The figures above are on a Before Housing Costs basis
  • The Campaign to End Child Poverty ( is made up of more than 150 organisations from civic society including children’s charities, child welfare organisations, social justice groups, faith groups, trade unions and others, united in our vision of a UK free of child poverty. These include Child Poverty Action Group, The Children’s Society, Family Action and the National Children’s Bureau. Its call for a ‘triple lock’ is also being supported by Children England, the leading membership organisation and collective voice for the children, young people and families voluntary sector. End Child Poverty campaigns to achieve our vision by: Ensuring the voices of families facing economic disadvantage are heard; Increasing understanding of the causes and impacts of child poverty and mobilising public support and action; Promoting to politicians and government the case for ending child poverty by 2020, the actions that will achieve it and holding them to account on the requirements of the Child Poverty Act.