CPAG responds to proposals to limit number of children for whom benefits can be received

8 October 2012

Child Poverty Action Group's Chief Executive, Alison Garnham, has spoken out against proposals from George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith that unemployed families should have their benefits capped if they have more children. She said: “With this abhorrent proposal, the Chancellor is saying that some children will be marked out from birth as second class citizens with their lives worth less than others.

“We were told it would be those with the broadest shoulders who have the greatest burden, but the richest are getting tax cuts and it is those with the narrowest shoulders, our poorest children, who are being made to pay the price.

“It ignores the fact that most unemployed parents are going through a revolving door in and out of work due to lack of job security. We need to address the growing problems of short-term and insecure jobs and the crisis of high youth unemployment instead of punishing people for their deprivation.

“The Chancellor is utterly wrong to claim that families out of work are better off having more children. If a family without work has another child, the shortfall relative to a family’s minimum need increases and parents must make even more sacrifices to meet their children’s needs. But working families do better because on top of wages they can get in-work benefits like tax credits and housing benefit.”

For further details read the full press release here.