CPAG's response to the child poverty measurement consultation

February 2013

CPAG has today issued its response to the government consultation on child poverty measurement. In it we make it clear that we object to the government’s new proposed measure on three grounds.

  • First, we argue that it is not necessary given the extensive portfolio of both child poverty and child wellbeing measures we already have in this country.
  • Second, we argue that the new measure is not robust: it proposes to combine the causes, correlates and consequences of poverty in an illogical manner and would produce an indicator that is not sensitive to changes in income.
  • Third, we argue that the government cannot use a public consultation to evade the terms of the Child Poverty Act 2010 which require it to account against four separate poverty measures.

We encourage individiuals and organisations to also contribute to the consultation, which ends on 15 February 2013.