Dealing with debt


This essential two day course is a practical introductory level course for those advising or supporting clients with debt and money problems. It provides a perfect foundation for those new to money advice and to those for whom money advice forms part of their role, for example, those working in housing, benefits or community work. A free copy of CPAG’s Debt Advice Handbook (11th edition) comes as part of the course.

The course covers:


  • Causes of debt and its effects on clients
  • The four key steps of the money advice process
  • Working out a personal budget (financial statement)
  • Maximising income and analysing expenditure
  • Dealing with priority debts and non-priority debts
  • The range of credit products and how to deal with them
  • Typical debt collection processes used by creditors
  • Debt strategies and solutions including bankruptcy, IVAs and debt relief orders
  • Dealing with court action (county court judgments) and enforcement