Early years and childcare services

We are interested in working with early years services, childcare providers and information services to promote access to:

  • quality, affordable childcare through tax credits and universal credit
  • other financial help for families at risk of poverty.

We are offering free resources including factsheets on financial help with childcare for low income families, a free advice line, and a short seminar for your group – see below for details.

Why poverty matters

Growing up in poverty has a negative impact on a child’s health, education and lifetime opportunities. Getting the help to which a family is entitled, especially through the childcare element of tax credits, can make a real difference by providing vital income for families, sustaining childcare places and making work a viable option for parents. But the complexity of the system and the risk of overpayments mean many families are missing out on help they should be getting.

To find out more about the impact of poverty on children's health and wellbeing, you can do this free e-learning course, 'Child Poverty, Health & Wellbeing' developed by NHS Health Scotland with support from CPAG in Scotland - just create a new account, then you can log in and take the course.

Health professionals, childminders, nursery managers and other early years services are in a key position of everyday contact with families to encourage take-up and help avoid common problems with overpayments.

We understand there is a wide range of issues that you will be dealing with already and do not expect you to start giving detailed benefits and tax credits advice as well. But some basic awareness of the system is vital to enable you to identify problems and know when to refer a family on for more specialist advice.


Advice line

If you are working with a family and have a question about anything from Healthy Start vouchers to free school meals, you can contact our advice line on 0141 552 0552 – Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm, and Friday 10am to 12 noon or email advice@cpagscotland.org.uk. Please note we cannot give advice direct to the general public, but we can help you to set up links with a suitable local advice agency to refer individuals to.

Seminar and other training

We can offer a short free seminar on financial support for families delivered to your group, including an update on future changes. For more information, contact Mark Willis on 0141 552 3722 or mwillis@cpagscotland.org.uk

We are also running two basic half-day training courses on:

childcare support for working families

Income maximisation for families