Further comments on the Scottish Community Support Fund proposals

June 2012

CPAG in Scotland has been contributing to stakeholder consultation on the Scottish replacement to those elements of the discretionary social fund being abolished by the UK Welfare Reform Act 2012. Our further comments on draft proposals can be found to the right of this page. The discretionary social fund (community care grants and crisis loans) is a critical source of support for low income families, and it is vital that the replacement scheme continues to provide support to families facing exceptional pressures and is adequately funded to do so. We have welcomed commitment from Scottish Government and local authorities that interim successor schemes will be set within a national framework of criteria with a single application and ring fenced funding, with permanent arrangements to be put on a statutory footing. We continue to press for a clear, national framework to be established in law setting out who is eligible for help, with an independent review process for challenging decisions, as soon as possible.