Housing benefit - the problem areas

Level: Standard
NOS: LA49, LA50

Housing benefit is there to help with rent and avoid eviction, including for the growing number of people in low-paid work. Yet over four billion pounds of housing benefit goes unclaimed by over one million households. With the roll out of universal credit not due to complete until 2022, housing benefit remains as important as ever.

This one-day course looks in detail at a number of common areas of dispute that housing benefit claimants may face and how they can be resolved to ensure maximum entitlement is received.

The course covers:

• The claims process, information and evidence
• Issues about absence, moving home, two homes and under occupancy
• Non-dependant deductions
• Overpayments
• Appealing housing benefit decisions
• Recent and planned changes 

This course is aimed at advisers with a working knowledge of housing benefit.