How you can get involved

Feed in case studies

If you, or any of your colleagues, advise families who have been affected by benefit changes, and you think that someone needs to know about their experience, then you might want to get involved.

By signing up to the project you would be committing to tell us about some of the cases you come across. We aim to receive around two cases a month from those who sign up although there is no minimum or maximum.

Once you are signed up you can enter case studies on to our easy to use, online system. You will be given your own login details and will be able to keep the identity of the family anonymous.

We estimate that entering a case study into the system should take 5-10 minutes. In return you will receive:

  • Updates on findings from the Early Warning System
  • Details about how the case studies have been used
  • Information about any changes that have arisen as a result of the Early Warning System

Above all you will know that are contributing to the development of policies and planning decisions which could make a big difference to lives and families you work with.

Sign up to receive our monthly enewsletter

We will be issuing enewsletters as issues and trends emerge from the Early Warning System. To keep yourself informed about the effects changes to benefits system are having on children living in Scotland, please sign up to receive our policy bulletins here.

Contact us

For information about contributing case studies, or to sign up for our policy bulletin, please contact:

Kirsty McKechnie, Welfare Rights Worker (Welfare Reform)
Tel: 0141 611 7091 or email:

Jenny Duncan, Policy and Parliamentary Officer
Tel: 0141 611 7090 or email: