Jamie Oliver on 'Money Saving Meals'

August 27, 2013

In response to comments made by TV chef Jamie Oliver on the eating and spending habits of low income families, Imran Hussain, Head of Policy, Child Poverty Action Group, said:

 "Jamie Oliver has made a huge contribution to improving school meals and we're grateful for the support his foundation has given us in our work on free school meals.

 "He is right to say that healthy food doesn't always have to be expensive - one of CPAG's ambassadors, the food blogger Jack Monroe, is an excellent example of this - but for many families it's low income which gets in the way of healthy eating. As official statistics show, parents of poor children are much less likely to be able to afford fresh fruit for their children. We also know from the evidence that as the incomes of poor families rise, they spend more on things like healthy food and children's clothes.

 "The huge hits many working and non working families are taking in their incomes as a result of cuts in tax crediits and benefits are very real, as is the resulting huge growth in demand for food banks. The government's child poverty strategy is seriously adrift and urgently needs rethinking."