Latest official analysis ”paints distressing picture” of how UK welfare reforms are pushing children into poverty

October 2, 2018

For immediate release 1 October 2018

Campaigners say it is “now critical that UK Ministers end the freeze on the uprating of family benefits”

Responding to the publication today (01/10/18), of official Scottish Government analysis on the impact of welfare reform John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said:

"This latest official analysis from the Scottish Government on the impact of welfare reform paints a distressing but very recognisable picture of how low income families are being hit by UK welfare reforms. Our own analysis suggests that up to one million children across the UK are being pushed into poverty (see note below) as a result of welfare reforms and our case evidence already shows that the roll out of universal credit is too often causing real hardship to families as a result of administrative errors, design flaws and massive cuts that have eroded its value.

“In the light of this evidence it is now critical that UK Ministers end the freeze on the uprating of family benefits. We know that across the UK this alone would reduce the number of children in poverty by 300 000. But the UK government must go further and end the two child policy and restore work allowances in universal credit to allow working parents to keep more of their incomes as their earnings increase.”

Mr Dickie continued;

“This analysis also highlights why the Scottish Government’s commitment to introducing an income supplement for families is so important. Given the scale of the cuts children are facing there can be no time lost in delivering a meaningful and effective boost to the incomes of families across Scotland, both where parents are in and out of work.”


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The Scottish Government report published today 01/10/18 can be found here; annual report on welfare reform 2018 and

CPAG analysis with IPPR suggest a million children will be pushed into poverty but cuts to universal credit alone. See