Minimum £100 school clothing grant welcomed by child poverty campaigners


John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, today (25/5/18) welcomed a new Scotland-wide minimum level of school clothing grant of £100. The Group have been campaigning with One Parent Families Scotland, the Poverty Truth Commission and others over many years for a minimum level of grant. Currently school clothing grants vary – from £50 to £110 – depending on where families live.

“This is great news for the thousands of families who struggle to meet the costs of school clothing on top of all the other essentials they need to budget for. £100 is now the absolute minimum grant that must be offered to families struggling on low incomes. Grants are already higher in some areas, and the actual cost of kitting out a child for school was recently calculated as £129.50. But this new £100 minimum provides a very welcome basic level of consistent support for parents, wherever they live in Scotland.”


For more information contact John Dickie, Director of CPAG in Scotland, , 0141 552 3656 or 07795 340 618


• Child Poverty Action Group works on behalf of the one in four children in Scotland growing up in poverty. It doesn’t have to be like this. We use our understanding of what causes poverty and the impact it has on children’s lives to campaign for policies that will prevent and solve poverty – for good. We are leading expert providers of second tier social security advice, information and training.

• CPAG in Scotland have been working with pupils, parents and teachers across Scotland to identify and remove financial barriers to full participation at school. For more detail see

• The latest briefing from the CPAG/OPFS/PTC school clothing grant campaign can be found here -

• CPAG have been working for a minimum level of school clothing grant since 2010, working recently with OPFS and the Poverty Truth Commission. Recent campaign activity can be found at