New child poverty figures released today

14 June 2012

The government has published the most recent child poverty figures for the UK in its report Households Below Average Incomes 2010/11.

The report shows that since 1998, between 800,000 and 1.1 million children have been lifted out of relative poverty. This is a reduction of about one third over the period. While it falls short of the target set by Tony Blair to halve child poverty by this point, this must still be regarded as a considerable achievement.

However, more than 2 million children have been lifted out of absolute poverty since 1998, which constitutes a reduction of over a half.

The figures also show that in-work poverty has risen considerably over the period. Today, 62 per cent of children living in poverty have at least one working parent.

Read our report Ending Child Poverty by 2020: Progress Made and Lessons Learned (PDF) for a commentary on the efforts made over the last 13 years to reduce child poverty.

Read the government report Households Below Average Income 2010/11 (PDF)

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