New CPAG report on Cost of a Child

4 September 2012

Today we have published new research on the Cost of a Child. It is the first time research has been published to provide a robust anlysis of how much it costs to provide children with a minimum level of participation in society, as well as meeting basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.

It shows that the cost of children has been rising faster than inflation and that the support families receive from the state falls significantly short of the minimum income standard British parents think children need.

The combination of National Minimum Wage and in-work benefits is not sufficient to ensure the basic needs of a child are met either. For single parent families, they are left with 89% of the basic requirement; and for couple families it is just 82% of the basic requirement.

One of the key findings from our research is the changing spending needs of families. For example, as the availability of public transport declines and its cost rises, the families who take part in the research say, for the first time, that a car is now essential.

For the full story, see the summary finding of the research on the Cost of a Child 2012 page, where you can also download a full copy of the report.