NEW Seminar announced; Localised Welfare: How to challenge unlawful schemes, 26th March 2014

22 January 2014

Throughout the year CPAG will be running a series of one day seminars, featuring guest speakers and specialists.

The first of these events is; Localised Welfare: How to challenge unlawful schemes  26th March 2014

The Government, as part of its welfare reforms, is placing greater emphasis on local support provided by local authorities. The rate and pace of change to meet this agenda however, has placed great pressure on local authority budgets and the decision makers.

The changes creating this pressure include:

  • the abolition of the discretionary social fund
  • the abolition of council tax benefit
  • the replacement schemes
  • the increasing reliance on discretionary housing payments to mitigate the impact of cuts to housing benefit.

Despite these changes, there has been little direct case law or guidance for local authorities on how such schemes should be developed and operated. As a result, some local authorities have adopted policies and practices that appear to be unlawful. Often the only remedy for challenging such policies is by judicial review.