Our finances for 2016/17 financial year

This page summarises where our income comes from, and where it goes in pursuit of our aims. All figures are taken from our most recent set of audited accounts (which can be downloaded here).

In 2016/17 - 89% (£2,848,165) of our expenditure was on charitable activities. That is 89p for every £1 received and spent.

Where our money comes from
(year ending 31 March 2017)

Where money comes from graph

The overall position for the 2017 financial year was a deficit of £104,974 (2016:   
-£228,180). There was a 0.75% improvement in total incoming resources to £3,071,805 (2016: £3,047,329).

Where our money goes
(year ending 31 March 2017)


Total expenditure was decreased by £96,826 to £3,177,702 (2016: £3,274,528). This reduction was mainly due to savings made in relation to buy-in publications, policy and research, raising funds, membership and training costs totalling £122,500, countered by increased spending on welfare rights of £28,500.