Our finances for 2015/16 financial year

This page summarises where our income comes from, and where it goes in pursuit of our aims. All figures are taken from our most recent set of audited accounts (which can be downloaded, see right).

In 2015/16 we spent 90% (£2,943,400) of our income on charitable activities. That is 90p for every £1 received.

Where our money comes from
(year ending 31 March 2016)

Where our income comes from

The overall position for the 2016 financial year had a deficit of £228,180 (2015 -£54,470 restated from £7000). There was a 0.5% improvement in total incoming resources to £3,047,000 (2015 £3,030,000 restated from £3,084,000).

Where our money goes
(year ending 31 March 2016)

Where our expenditure goes to

Total expenditure increased to £3,274,528 (2014 £3,084,535). Main increases in the level of spending in-line with the grant conditions were as a result of designated expenditure incurred in relation to the build of our new CRM and rebranding that could not be capitalised amounting to £68,000 and expenditure in relation to carrying out specific activities for welfare rights and test cases, and information, research and campaigning.

We also celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015/2016, during which, we continued on our journey to securing our long term future by investing in the IT infrastructure and the CPAG brand. We also worked on a 50th Anniversary Report in which we discuss our beginnings, our challenges and victories; the report was published in June 2016 and can be read online.