Parents and carers! Tell us how much it costs to kit your child out for school in this short survey

5 June 2017

uniform order form

**** This survey is now closed (30 June 2017) - thank you if you took the time to complete it. The Scottish School Clothing Grant Campaign will be letting you know what parents and carers across Scotland have been saying after summer ****

We know that many parents and carers on low incomes struggle to afford the clothes, shoes, bags and kit their children need to go to school. For these families, local authority school clothing grants are a lifeline. However, grants offered by local authorities vary widely from £20 to £110 and, in many areas, are nowhere near enough to cover even the most basic items. The Scottish School Clothing Grant Campaign1 is calling on the Scottish Government to use their new power to set a minimum clothing grant for the whole of Scotland - and to talk to and work with parents and young people on low incomes as they set it.

We want to hear more from parents and carers about their experiences of affording school uniform and about how much it costs to adequately kit children out for school – if you are a parent or carer then you can complete our short survey here. If you work with parents and carers, please feel free to share the survey link with them and through your networks.

For more information about school uniforms, clothing grants and the Scottish School Clothing Grant Campaign, you can read our full briefing here.

"School summer holidays are already stressful enough with extra expenses - when it comes to buying school uniforms I dread it. The school clothing grant does not cover the cost of one basic uniform from the cheapest supermarket. I had to borrow £200 and pay it £20 a week from my child tax credit. This is money I could not afford." (Parent)

1 Organisations leading the campaign are CPAG in Scotland, OPFS and the Poverty Truth Commission.