Residence and presence tests – in detail


This one-day experienced level course looks in detail at how European nationals can satisfy the residence and presence requirements in benefits and tax credits and provides an update on recent developments. The course focuses on groups experiencing particular difficulties with the tests and those for whom the application of these tests is changing. 

The course covers: 

• Developments in right to reside caselaw and legislation
• Potential arguments that can assist
• An overview of how EU co-ordination rules can help with these tests
• A summary of the rules which require the UK to be the competent state for the payment of disability and carer’s benefits
• This course is aimed at those who advise European nationals on their benefit entitlement regularly and/or assist in challenging decisions. 

Those who work with European nationals less often or who do not assist in challenging decisions should book instead on the standard level course: Right to reside and habitual residence

If you also advise non-European nationals you should also book on the course: Benefits for people subject to immigration control.